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Cast Nayantara in the lead role, while Aari, Amzath Khan and Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli play supporting roles.

Director Ashwin Saravanan


About The Movie

The movie starts with Vasanth drawing a sketch about his new episode on Mayavanam, showing a woman in the dark sitting in a wheel chair. He surprises his friend on his birthday with a horror anecdote similar to that of Bloody Mary. The friend who doesn't believes in superstitions like these, calls out the name of "Maya" thrice. He sees the silhouette of a lady standing behind Vasanth and falls back in fear.

Vasanth is waed about a woman named Maya Matthews by his editor-in-chief Ram Prasad, who is also the husband of Vasanth's ex-lover Anjali. Ram introduces Catherine to Vasanth, who has written a book titled "The Madness in Asylum" about the life of mentally-ill people who were forced into asylum and used for testing medicines, finally being buried. Madhan, the episode writer for the story, recalls a flashback about Maya. Maya Matthews is a rich, young women who gets married to her lover. On their first anniversary, she comes to find out that her husband was having an affair and that she is pregnant. She kills her husband with poison, due to which one of her relative admits her in mental asylum. There she delivers a baby girl but within a week, the baby is forcefully taken away from her. She tries to escape from the asylum, but never succeeds. A medical test is done on her, causing her to lose her eye sight, and one day, she subsequently jumps off from the building and dies. It's rumored that she had been found wearing an expensive sapphire ring, presumed to be her wedding ring. They say it's invaluable and was buried along with the rest of her belongings in the casket. From that day onward, speculation is that her spirit roams the asylum and kills the people working there.

Movie plays in

  • 1. CineMax ,Kochi ,Oberone Mall, vytila , Near pipeline
  • 2. PVR ,Kochi ,Lulumall, Edapally
  • 3. Center square ,Kochi ,Pathma , MG Road
  • 4. Blue Moon ,Pulpally ,Wayanad, Pulpally
  • 5. Kalpaka , Kondotty , Malappuram, Kondotty
  • 6. Mass Theatre ,Irinjalakuda , Thrissur, Mukundapuram
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