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Cast Sandra Bullock,Jon Hamm,Michael Keaton,Allison Janney,Steve Coogan,Jennifer Saunders,Pierre Coffin

Director Kyle Balda Pierre Coffin


About The Movie

At Westminster Abbey, the Minions accidentally interrupt Scarlet's coronation by unscrewing a chandelier, which falls and crushes Scarlet before she can be crowned. Scarlet survives and orders those attending the coronation—including some super-villains—to seize the Minions. Stuart and Bob are captured while Kevin hides in a bar where he finds Elizabeth. Kevin leas that Stuart and Bob are to be destroyed and breaks into Herb's laboratory, with villains chasing him. He accidentally triggers an experimental machine that enlarges him, destroying the Overkill residence in the process, which scares the villains away.

Kevin rescues his companions just as the other Minions, who have arrived in London, see him. Scarlet is distracted by the army of Minions and Kevin knocks her through numerous buildings. She sends a missile towards Kevin, which he swallows, sacrificing himself to save Stuart, Bob and the other Minions. Scarlet and Herb attempt to escape using her dress rocket but Kevin holds onto it as the missile inside him explodes, apparently killing Scarlet and Herb and shrinking Kevin back to his original size.

Elizabeth is once again crowned Queen of England. She publicly thanks the Minions by presenting Bob with a tiny crown, Stuart with an electric guitar (later replaced by a snowglobe when accidentally he broke it ), and Kevin with a knighthood. Scarlet—suddenly revealed to be alive (along with Herb)—steals the Queen's crown, but they are frozen by a young Gru, who takes the crown from them. Scarlet is disappointed, until Bob sees how much she wanted this dream to come true and gives her his tiny crown. The film ends with the Minions seeing Gru as their new potential boss and chasing after him to his home.

Movie plays in

  • 1. CineMax ,Kochi ,Oberone Mall, vytila , Near pipeline
  • 2. EVM Cinema ,Kochi ,Ernakulam, Kochi
  • 3. Krishna ,Quilandy , Calicut, Quilandy
  • 4. Little Alex , Pattambi , Palakkad, pattambi
  • 5. New Galaxy Theatre , Mundakayam , Kottayam, Pioneer Corporation
  • 6. Pournami , Ponnani , Malappuram, Ponnani
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